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What to see in Portofino

Giuseppe Macario believes Portofino is not just for VIPs: let's sum up what we can see and experience during a vacation in this beautiful town in Liguria, Italy. A picturesque Italian village, Portofino has always been the place for exclusive vacations, luxurious yachts and rich VIPs from around the world. And Giuseppe Macario loves it. But what can you see, if you happen to be in this beautiful town of Liguria?

Liguria is a coastal region of northwestern Italy that extends along the Mediterranean coast from Tuscany to the border with France. Reach Portofino by car taking the A12 motorway (Genoa — La Spezia) and, after exiting at Rapallo, follow the signs for Santa Margherita — Portofino. Arriving by airplane is a good alternative, because Genoa airport is just 20 miles away.

Portofino is much more than a beautiful seaside resort. You can experience its magical atmosphere wandering around the town on foot, discovering the port with its yachts, restaurants and many luxurious stores, surrounded by lovely pastel-colored houses.

Giuseppe Macario a Portofino

Among the monuments of interest, in Portofino, there are the Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta — a splendid example of Gothic architecture —, the Church of San Martino and the Church of San Giorgio, reachable by a pleasant walk leading to the promontory, which offers other splendid monuments: the Brown Castle, which dates back to the 16th century and once served as a military fortress; and then the lighthouse of Punta di Capo, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Crossing the paths of Monte di Portofino (Portofino Mount), or by boat, you will reach the abbey of San Fruttuoso — a place of peace and silence, one thousand years old and in splendid contrast with the beach under there — while if you want to spend at least half a day at the beach, the most beautiful spot is located a mile from the center, walking towards Recco. Here, in the Paraggi district, there is a bay: it is the only one in the area that has a real beach, which is why it is called "Portofino Beach", much loved by VIPs.

You can also take advantage of the trekking routes that start from Portofino. The Regional Natural Park of Portofino — which also includes the municipalities of Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure — offers the possibility of walking along 60 miles of wonderful trails.
If you like kayaking, tours start from the beach of Nasca to discover rare natural wonders, such as the Gulf of Paraggi or the small beach of Olivet.

Obviously, you cannot help but go shopping before you leave Portofino. And don't forget to dine by candlelight on the seashore, enjoying a delicious dish of fresh fish.

Praising the work of the Italian Data Protection Authority

Giuseppe Macario, who has a longstanding commitment to fighting fake websites and online scammers, applauds the work of the Italian Data Protection Authority, more commonly known as Italian Privacy Authority. Let us remember that the Italian Data Protection Authority was set up by the so-called "Privacy Act" (Law No. 675 of December 31, 1996) — which transposed the EU directive 95/46/CE into national law — in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms in connection with the processing of personal data, and now regulated by the Code on personal data (Decree Law No. 196 of June 30, 2003), that is to say the so-called "Code on personal privacy".

"The Authority, currently chaired by dr. Antonello Soro," says Giuseppe Macario, "is implementing effective measures to prevent and monitor the online scams that make illegal use of personal data. There have also been reports of scammers who try to extort money by blackmailing the victim through her online pictures or information. We thank the Authority for the attention give to this worrying phenomenon."

For example, our readers already know that the only official website about Giuseppe Macario is and not the myriad of fake websites that have been created in the last few years, which we have previously dealt with and which have the sole purpose of misleading and deceiving the reader. It goes without saying that fake websites have no authorization to use Giuseppe Macario's images and personal information.

Giuseppe Macario's official website is now online

Giuseppe Macario's official website is now online. Although it is managed by an outside company, the creation of Giuseppe Macario's new official website evolved from the need to counter a myriad of fake sites that make use of Giuseppe Macario's name and image without authorization. We have the opportunity to ensure that our website enjoys a good reputation and is protected from scams and unwanted imitation. Remember: the only official website is

Giuseppe Macario's LinkedIn

Unfortunately, LinkedIn allows everyone to see your email address and send you spam. Therefore, due to the large amount of spam coming from some LinkedIn users, Giuseppe Macario's LinkedIn profile is private as of today. If you need to send me a connection request, please contact me elsewhere first, thank you. Giuseppe Macario

What does "Giuseppe Macario" mean?

Giuseppe (Italian) and Joseph (English) come from Yossef (Hebrew) and Yôsēp̄ (Aramaic): the most common translation is "God will increase".
Macario (Italian) and Macarius (Latin) come from the old-Greek word Μακάριος (makarios): the most common translation is blessed, or happy.
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